About Founder, Nate Hamilton

My name is Nate Hamilton, Founder of www.dominatefantasy.com. I have been playing fantasy football since 2001. It began as a hobby and very quickly turned into a passion for me. After my first couple of seasons playing in a standard Yahoo! league, I was asked to take over as commissioner. I restructured the league and assembled 12 serious fantasy football players that have been in my league ever since. I am now in multiple fantasy leagues that are all different formats, expanding my knowledge to better help you with my experience and advice.

I am a regular contributor in the NFL & fantasy football industry. I am well known in my field & have provided advice & analysis since joining Twitter in 2013. I am a writer/analyst for The Fantasy Footballers and co-host of The Fantasy Tilt Podcast with my good friend and fellow writer, Keaton Denlay. I am a Co-Author of Amazon’s #1 Best Selling “The Fantasy Football Black Book”. I am a member of the Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association (FSWA). I contribute my expertise in this field daily on Twitter & on a weekly basis on multiple websites.

I love to talk about fantasy football any chance I get. Strategy, drafting, mock drafting, trades, rankings, you name it! I realized I needed an outlet to express my fantasy football knowledge and opinions, so I created my twitter account @DomiNateFF in 2013, website www.dominatefantasy.com, and Facebook page in 2016. I have answered ALL questions since, helped and continue to help many win their leagues, and continue to gain loyal followers. Follow me and see for yourself! I hope you find my material, and my writers’ articles enjoyable to read and helpful to your success in fantasy football!


Nate Hamilton
Founder: DomiNateFantasy.com
Fantasy Football Writer/Analyst
Co-Author of Amazon’s #1 Best Selling “The Fantasy Football Black Book
Co-Host: The Fantasy Tilt Podcast
Member: Fantasy Sports Writers Association
Twitter: @DomiNateFF
Facebook: DomiNate Fantasy Football

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