NFL Football DFS Week 6

DFS Week 6
Justin Polizzi

Hello everyone and welcome back to my DFS likes of the week. Whether you won or lost in week 5, lets look forward to week 6 and win some money as I give you my favorite DFS plays for the weekend. Make sure to follow me @ezpolizzi_21 on twitter as well as my podcast page @JNJTalksports.


Jamies Winston- DraftKings– $5,800. FanDuel– $7,400

Jamies Winston and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are coming off a week 5 bye to face an Atlanta Falcons defense that lost basically there top 2 secondary players. In result of that, the Falcons have allowed the 4th most points to the position at 24.6 PPG. In addition to that, they’ve allowed 3 passing touchdowns in 4 consecutive weeks. Despite the 3 game suspension, Jamies took back the keys to the highly WR talented offense from Fitzmagic and looked good in light of those two interceptions he threw. With a non-existent run game, Tampa will pass a ton and Jamies will finish as a top10 QB this week.


Sony MichelDraftKings– $5,800. FanDuel– 7,100.

Sony Michel is the same price on FanDuel as James White but $1,100 CHEAPER than White on DraftKings, what does that tell you? Michel is such a BARGAIN at his DraftKings price against a Kansas City defense that’s allowing 35.8 points per game to running backs. They allowed TJ Yeldon to drop 23 points on them last week and as always, the Patriots utilize there backs to the fullest extent. With 43 carries and 210 yards with 2 touchdowns in the last two weeks combined; Sony Michel is gelling with this offense as expected.


Chris Carson: I’m not convinced Mike Davis gets a similar workload and/or even scores a touchdown this week as he did last. I expect Carson to see another heavy workload of possibly 25 touches against a poor Oakland Raiders defense. Averaging 4.6 yards a carry so far this year, Carson will be the sole dominate of this Seattle backfield.

Wide Receiver:

Mike EvansDraftKings– $8,100. FanDuel– $8,000.

Ask any DFS “expert” or any DFS weekly player, ANY, and I bet you any money that they can’t recall the last time there was a player of Mike Evans caliper with an AMAZING matchup, but the player is cheaper on FanDuel then DraftKings. YOU RARELY SEE THAT. The value your getting for Evans in either site, specifically FanDuel, it’s legitimate. The Falcons have allowed 12 receiving touchdowns the last 4 weeks combined, 10 of those went to WR’s. Evans started the year hot but hit a wall in Winston’s return, but that was due to a large part in Fitzpatrick’s poor play. Before  Winston entered the game, Evans had 1 catch for 5 yards in the first half; with Winston in the 2nd half he had 5 catches for 54 yards. Winston will look his way early and often against that Falcons decimated defense.


Doug Baldwin: He’s looked healthy since being back and the fact that this man is priced as a WR2/3 on both sites is beyond baffling. Dougie Fresh is a WR1 and the number one target for Russell Wilson. He has his coming out party this week against an Oakland defense that’s allowed 6 receiving touchdowns to WR’s this season.

Tight End:

C.J. UzomahDraftKings– $3,000. FanDuel– $5,100.

The Tight-End position has been horrible this year, no surprise. So if I’m grabbing a dart and throwing it a DFS tight-end play this week, its easily C.J. Uzomah for me. The Steelers have allowed 40 receptions to tight ends this season through 5 weeks including back to back weeks with 10 receptions to the position. Now they face Cincinnati where both Eifert, out for the season, and Kroft are out this week leaving Uzomah as the only viable option for this team. Joe Haden is back and healthy for the Steelers so I fully expect AJ Green to have his hands full; paving the way for Uzomah to get some extra looks and even a redzone touchdown. This is my 3x DFS value play of the week.

That will do it for my Week 6 NFL DFS plays, whether that be on Fanduel or DraftKings. Remember ladies and gents, gamble and play responsibly and most importantly, good luck!

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