AFC North Preview – Baltimore Ravens

Anthony Knox

The Baltimore Ravens made two key additions to their offense this off-season. Improving their wide receiving and running back groups will go a long way to help the team try and make the playoffs this year, which would be the first time since 2014. I’m also not 100% convinced that the defense for the Ravens can hold up for a whole season, meaning the offense will have to do even more to stay competitive in games.

Must Draft Players

  • Joe Flacco – Quarterback
  • Danny Woodhead – Running Back
  • Jeremy Maclin – Wide Receiver
  • Justin Tucker – Kicker

I want Joe Flacco as my Fantasy Football Quarterback this year. It’s not because he’s going to put up career numbers and finish as the number one QB this season. It’s because he is currently going undrafted and averages 16 points a game. I can load up on all the running backs and wide receivers I want, probably finding this year’s David Johnson or Odell Beckham, and then take Joe Flacco AFTER my kicker and D/ST and win the whole league!

If there is one thing that Flacco likes to do is complete a short pass to his running back. If there one thing that Danny Woodhead likes to do is catch a pass from his QB and score a touchdown! When Danny Woodhead signed with the Ravens this offseason, tears of joy streamed down my face. The Ravens throw the second most passes in the NFL, and it’s because they are trailing and need to play catch up. Danny Woodhead is going to be on the field a lot and I think he could be in the same realm of receptions/receiving yards as Le’Veon Bell and David Johnson this year.

I was dumbfounded when I heard the Chiefs cut Jeremy Maclin. I assumed it had to be about money, but the amount they saved by cutting him seemed ridiculous to make the cut. It must mean big things for Tyreek Hill (which I will get to in another preview). Maclin landed in the perfect spot for a wide receiver in my opinion. Joe Flacco likes to throw the ball a lot, and when Maclin is given the chance he can make Fantasy Football owners very happy! In Maclin’s last year with the Eagles he was targeted 143 times, caught 85 of the passes for 1,318 yards and had 10 touchdowns. Steve Smith and Dennis Pitta are both gone from the team, which means that 222 targets are up for grabs. I would not be surprised to see the majority of them go to Maclin this year.

Justin Tucker may be my favorite player in the NFL. As a team last year, the Ravens scored 343 offensive points. Tucker accounted for 141 of them with his leg! Tucker averaged 9 points per week for owners last week. He missed one field goal and no extra points all year. I believe that your kicker is drafted in the last two rounds of your draft, but I will probably break that rule and take Tucker somewhere close to the 11th round because he’s that damn good!

Players That Should Probably Be Drafted

  • Terrance West – Running Back
  • Mike Wallace – Wide Receiver
  • Breshad Perriman – Wide Receiver
  • Benjamin Watson – Tight End

Terrance West is an interesting prospect for drafts. Terrance West is back on the radar for drafts. As it stands right now, West is going towards the end of all drafts. If West performs we will have a timeshare on our hands. Combined, Terrance West and Kenneth Dixon had 1,500 total yards, 64 receptions and 8 touchdowns in 2016. Now that West will get the majority of carries, I want to own stock in him where I can!

I had high hopes for Mike Wallace and Breshad Perriman this season. Again, Joe Flacco loves to throw the ball and I figured the two of them would have great years. Jeremy Maclin threw a wrench into that plan, which means that it will be tough to know who will have a better week out of the two of them. I would still predict that Wallace has the better season, but the two of them will eat into each other’s production. They could both be potential flex options depending on the match-up.

We really have no idea what Benjamin Watson will do in this offense since he was injured all of last season. Dennis Pitta is gone, and Joe Flacco loves targeting his tight end. Watson is no Pitta, and I think a realistic ceiling for him is 60 receptions for 800 yards and 2 touchdowns. Not too shabby of numbers for a tight end.

Players You Could Draft If Your Rosters are Deep

  • Maxx Williams – Tight End

Flacco loves throwing to tight ends and if something happens to Watson, Maxx Williams will reap the benefits. Which one? Who the hell knows!

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