AFC North Preview – Cleveland Browns

Anthony Knox

In past years, I would have told you that there is no one worth drafting on the Cleveland Browns as they have been the worst team in the NFL. When a team usually has the number one overall pick in the NFL Draft, it means no one on the team was able to do anything to produce, which means that they have no Fantasy Football relevance.

Having said all that, there are still slim pickings for who is worth drafting from the Browns.

Must Draft Players

  • Isaiah Crowell – Running Back

Isaiah Crowell is a player that I am committed to having on my team this year. The Browns made improving the offensive line a priority this offseason, and Crowell is going to reap the benefits. Head Coach Hue Jackson also stated that he didn’t understand why he didn’t give Crowell the ball more. He ended up with 238 total touches (40 receptions) for the season for almost 1,300 total yards. He also finished with 7 touchdowns. If Jackson is serious about wanting to put the ball in Crowell’s hand more, the 4.8 yards per carry and 8.0 yards per reception will make Isaiah Crowell a top 6 running back at the end of the year in my opinion.

Players That Should Probably Be Drafted

  • Duke Johnson – Running Back
  • Kenny Britt – Wide Receiver
  • Corey Coleman – Wide Receiver
  • David Njoku – Tight End

Duke Johnson was touted as the next big thing last season. Everyone predicted big things from him, specifically within the passing game. While his numbers weren’t terrible, they were also not at the level people expected them to be. He did have 53 receptions, which is great in a PPR league, but between his receptions and rushes he was unable to get above 900 total yards and had 1 touchdown. That does place him at about 9 points per game, which is a pretty good flex player, and potentially number 2 running back if you’re desperate.

Kenny Britt signed with the Browns after having a career year with the Los Angeles Rams last season. He finished with 68 receptions for 1,002 yards and 5 touchdowns. That is especially impressive given how terrible the Rams were last season. There are 140 targets that are up for grabs from Terrelle Pryor leaving the Browns this offseason, and I expect that the Browns will use Britt in the same role as Pryor. I think it is completely reasonable to expect Britt to have similar numbers this season.

Corey Coleman had a disappointing season in his rookie campaign. Injuries played a large part of his poor performance. His total numbers are skewed as well. For the year, he had 33 receptions for 413 yards and 3 touchdowns. In week 2, he had 5 receptions for 104 yards and 2 touchdowns. I do still believe that Coleman could be a prominent wide receiver in the NFL, and if he can stay healthy then he could double his total numbers from last year.

David Njoku could be a special tight end. Most rookie tight ends don’t so much in their rookie year, so I don’t have high expectations for Njoku. Unless your name is Rob Gronkowski you don’t traditionally have a great rookie season. However, if I was drafting two tight ends, I would take a chance on him and see what develops.

Players You Could Draft If Your Rosters are Deep

  • DeShone Kizer

The Browns currently have three potential starting quarterbacks on their roster. DeShone Kizer is the one that they drafted this year, and that leads me to believe that he will end up being the starter for the team. I never have any expectations for a Browns quarterback, but if I’m in a 2-quarterback league or have a really deep roster, I’d take a chance on Kizer to see what happens.

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