Jordy Nelson Should Be The #3 Wide Receiver Pick in Drafts!

Anthony Knox

Yes, Nate Hamilton at Dominate Fantasy actually said I could write another article after my solid opinion of why Joe Flacco should be your starting Fantasy Football quarterback. And no, I have no idea what they were thinking! This one may be even more controversial than the last!

I will not argue with anyone that Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr. should be the first two wide receivers taken in drafts this year. Brown will continue what he has been doing for the last few years and I think Beckham will be even better with Brandon Marshall opposite of him.

If you look at all the expert rankings, they say that Julio Jones should be the third wide receiver taken. I believe that those experts are wrong and the wide receiver that should be after Brown and Beckham is…JORDY NELSON!

It’s not rocket science to say that Jordy Nelson is the superior wide receiver to Julio Jones. There are three reasons why Nelson would be my choice if I was taking the third wide receiver off the board:

  1. Statistics
  2. Injury History
  3. Quarterback

Overall, Jordy’s Stats Speak for Themselves

I can only compare the two players since 2011 when Julio came into the league. In 6 years, Jordy Nelson and Julio Jones have played in 76 and 79 games respectively. That also includes the fact that Jordy missed the entire 2015 season because he tore his ACL in the pre-season.

For the careers during that time frame, their side by side stat comparison is as follows:

Jordy Nelson Julio Jones
Yards 6,098 7,610
Receptions 397 497
Touchdowns 57 40
Total Fantasy Points 1,349 1,498
Total Points/Year 270 (5 seasons) 250 (6 seasons)

I see that Julio has more yards and more receptions than Jordy does in that time frame. The key number to focus on though is touchdowns. In 3 fewer games over 6 years, Jordy Nelson has scored 17 more touchdowns than Julio Jones. For every 4 games played, Nelson scores 3 touchdowns and Jones scores 2. Nelson has scored 13 or more touchdowns in 3 of the 5 seasons he played during that time frame. Jones has only managed 10 touchdowns once in his career.

While they say it’s tough to predict touchdowns, you can easily predict Jordy Nelson will score at least 10 in a season. His touchdowns, along with his overall stats, clearly show he is worth the third wide receiver pick.

Three Things to Guarantee…Death, Taxes and a Julio Jones Injury

With the exception of Jordy Nelson’s missed year, you’re not worried about his health. Even if he’s hurt, he’ll still go out and give you 100 yards and a touchdown.

Julio Jones always seems to have the red cross next to his name and you never know if he’s going to play until game time. And even if he does play, you don’t know if he will be targeted in the offense or if he will be a decoy.

The headache of whether or not Julio Jones goes 14 for 300 yards and 2 touchdowns, or he goes 3 for 40, is enough to stop me from wanting him on my team.

Aaron Rodgers vs. Matt Ryan

Jordy Nelson’s quarterback is a first ballot hall of famer and Julio Jones’ quarterback is Matt Ryan. Aaron Rodgers consistently throws for 35 touchdowns every year, and Nelson is his favorite target. Ryan will throw for 600 yards more than Rodgers in a year on average, but only throws 29 touchdowns a year.

This is another example that while total yards are great, I need 60 yards receiving to equal 1 touchdown scored. Matt Ryan’s average went up thanks to his first season of throwing more than 30 touchdowns. Aaron Rodger’s injury year in 2013 was the only year during the 6-year span that he did not throw at least 31 touchdowns.

I’ll take the wide receiver on the team that likes to throw touchdowns any day!


Jordy Nelson is a touchdown magnet who plays with a quarterback that likes to throw touchdowns and isn’t questionable to play each week. It seems clear to me that if my top running backs are gone and Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr. are drafted, Jordy Nelson will fit in nicely on my fantasy football team!

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