2016 Fantasy Football Mock Draft 3.0

Dom Cintorino

The first of many mocks in August! This is the time of the year where all of these mocks start to turn into live drafts so why not do as many as possible! You have to be able to know what you would do when you are thrown into different types of situations. On draft day, you never know what is going to happen. I did another 10 team PPR on ESPN and was given the 5th overall pick. This time around (not on purpose) I went RB, RB with my first two selections. I think this is my favorite mock I have done thus far. Here it is:

Round 1 Pick 5: Todd Gurley

It came down to taking either DeAndre Hopkins, or Todd Gurley. Now in a PPR, I am one to usually go WR with my 1st round pick. However, I wanted to try something new as I have really come to like the 2-4th round WR options that have been available.

Round 2 Pick 16: Lamar Miller

There was no question about this one. Again, I did not plan on going RB with my first two picks, but Miller fell to me in the 2nd round. Had to take him. I truly believe he will be a top 5 RB in all formats as there are not many other backs in Houston who are a threat to steal carries.

Round 3 Pick 25: Brandin Cooks

Way too many choices at this pick. However, this is a good thing because I needed a WR. I was deciding to go with Keenan Allen or Brandin Cooks. There was also Evans, Jeffery, and Cooper available, but I think Cooks is going to finally have that breakout season that we have all been waiting for. He has 100 catch upside and is a great option in a PPR format as opposed to a standard format.

Round 4 Pick 36: TY Hilton

Now usually, this is where I would have taken Carlos Hyde. However, I am already pretty set on RB, so I was able to go with Hilton. He is put in a great situation with Andrew Luck coming back and will be the top option in this Colts offense.

Round 5 Pick 45: Jarvis Landry

I really could have gone with Aaron Rodgers here, however, if you have not read my article “The QB Waiting Game then you will see why I chose not to. I have taken Landry before and like I said, he has much more value in a PPR. Almost a lock for 100 catches again this season, just don’t expect too many TD’s.

Round 6 Pick 56: DeMarco Murray

The QB waiting game is in full effect as I just passed up on Andrew Luck. I always like to get the RB’s I like before they are all gone. I think DeMarco will have a great bounceback season and he has even stated that he is much more comfortable in Tennessee’s offense than he was in Philly. I do not think Derrick Henry will take many carries from him. The Titans will be a run first team in 2016 with Murray handling a lot of the load.

Round 7 Pick 65: Ryan Matthews

Here is another spot where I have not gone before. I had Matt Jones lit up to draft, but I really think Matthews will be the guy in Philly with Murray gone. He is still a young RB in this league at 28 years old and the only threat to take snaps away is Sproles who will likely only be in on 3rd downs. Matthews also has 2 carries for 15 yards and a TD in the preseason opener Thursday night.

Round 8 Pick 76: Jordan Matthews

Back to back Eagles. Back to back Matthews’. I think Jordan Matthews is another great PPR option and waiting on a QB allowed me to have him as my WR4. When you can get the top option in an offense as your 4th WR, you’re doing a pretty good job.

Round 9 Pick 85: Philip Rivers

The waiting game is over. As I had mentioned in my article, Rivers is a great QB to wait on as he put up career numbers last season. They will look to throw the ball even more in 2016. I have a full breakdown on Rivers in my QB waiting game article.

Round 10 Pick 96: Gary Barnidge

Picked him before. For what he did last season, there is not a whole lot of risk taking him this late. There are always TE’s on the waiver wire who breakout during the season.

Round 11 Pick 105: Matthew Stafford

Love pairing Stafford with Rivers. Both QB’s are in passing offenses with very questionable running games. I believe one of these guys, if not both, will be fantastic fantasy starters.

Round 12 Pick 116: Zach Miller

With Bennett finally out of his way, “It’s Miller Time!”

Round 13 Pick 125: Chiefs D/ST

I have seen a lot of people ranking the Chiefs in the top 3. They had a great finish to the 2015 season and will look to carry that forward. Lot’s of great pieces in all areas of this defense.

Round 14 Pick 136: Sammie Coates

The big question. Wheaton or Coates? I think Wheaton is a very safe bet, however, the sky’s the limit for Sammie Coates. Why not give it a shot.

Round 15 Pick 145: Dan Bailey

Always been a fan of Dan Bailey. Has the range to hit past 50 and also is in an offense that allows him to have a lot of FG opportunities.

Round 16 Pick 156: Kirk Cousins

I mean why not. Most of the RB’s and WR’s taken in this round will be dropped anyways. Might as well try 3 QB’s and watch what they do week 1. Can always drop one!

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