2016 Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2.0

Dom Cintorino

Kept it rolling and busted out another mock draft. This was the same scoring and roster spots as the last draft, however, I did a 10-team to give everyone a different look. You will see a lot of similar picks because I drafted in the same general area and am very high on certain players. I had the 3rd overall pick in this draft, here are my results:

Round 1 Pick 3: Odell Beckham Jr.

Keeping the trend going by drafting a WR in the 1st round. AB and Julio were the top two picks so it came down to OBJ or Hopkins. This one was easy for me. Like I said in my last mock, you will never have the option of both Julio and OBJ in a PPR at pick 5. I don’t know what they were doing in that draft. I’ll take OBJ all day at 3 though.

Round 2 Pick 18: Allen Robinson

            Lamar Miller went one pick before me and that was where I wanted to go. This left me with either Watkins, Jeffrey, or Robinson. I think Robinson is the safest out of the 3 I listed because he is not as injury prone as the other two. He should have another solid year with Bortles on a team coming in with a lot of hype. Robinson will still be the go-to WR for Bortles in 2016.

Round 3 Pick 23: Keenan Allen

            Sticking to the script by not passing up Keenan Allen. I might be higher on him than some people but I am fine with that. I had the option of Cooks and Hyde as well but I went down the list a bit to select Keenan. Cooks is very solid in a PPR but I have Allen ranked a bit higher and I love Hyde but just not this early. Yes, I just picked 3 WR’s in a row, unlike my last mock. However, I am not getting burned by RB’s again this year. So I will wait.

Round 4 Pick 38: Eddie Lacy

            Did not see him falling to me. I have been drafting Lacy way too high for the past 2 years so this feels like a steal to me. There were rumors that he had shed some weight and looks very good this offseason. Either way, he is in the Packers offense and I don’t mind him in a PPR or a standard league. The only downside is that Starks steals snaps from him every now and then.

Round 5 Pick 43: Aaron Rodgers

            Go Pack Go! Just kidding, I hate them. However, love these two options in fantasy. Rodgers ends up as my QB for two straight mocks in a row and I am fine with that as he is my top ranked QB as of right now.

Round 6 Pick 58: Jeremy Langford

            Again, taking Langford right where I wanted him. I will reach to take him all day because after this group of RB’s I lose my interest very quickly. I don’t mind his upside in a PPR as well. This is looking just like the team I drafted in my first mock.

Round 7 Pick 63: Matt Jones

            Here is a perfect example of why I drafted 3 WR’s in a row. Because I can get 2 RB’s I like a lot in Langford and Jones. I just find it really hard to trust the highly ranked RB’s this year just because of the mess they turned into last year. With Alfred Morris gone it looks like Jones should be the guy in Washington.

Round 8 Pick 78: John Brown

            Thought that I would build some young WR depth in taking John Brown. I have never picked him but I thought that this was a good spot. With Fitzgerald getting old, I could see Brown’s role increase week by week. He has great numbers throughout the first     years of his career and will look to build on that in 2016

Round 9 Pick 83: Danny Woodhead

            I was going to go TE here, but there were still a bunch available that I liked. I picked Woodhead because he is a guy you love to have on your bench in a PPR. If I need an RB to fill in for a bye week, I feel very comfortable with Danny. He can catch 70 balls in any given season and I don’t know how healthy Melvin Gordon will be this season.

Round 10 Pick 98: Matthew Stafford

            Still waiting on a TE because there were 2 I could not decide on and would rather be safe with a backup QB. I think all the Lions are going to do this year is throw the ball. Stafford has also hinted that the offense is running just as good with Calvin gone. I think he will be spreading the ball around and they do not have a steady RB to carry the load. Don’t even mind Stafford as a starter this year.

Round 11 Pick 103: Torrey Smith

            I love building up my WR’s and RB’s because drafting a TE here normally isn’t very safe. There are always guys who bloom once the season starts. Torrey Smith is just about the only receiving option that the 49ers have right now and should see a ton of options in Chip Kelly’s fast-paced offense.

Round 12 Pick 118: Julius Thomas

            Finally, I got the TE I was considering in round 9. Not many people are high on Julius Thomas but everyone is saying how good he is looking early in the offseason. He has the skillset to be the playmaker that we have seen before and I think he will have a much more productive season than he did last season.

Round 13 Pick 123: Tavon Austin

            Again, I get my boy Tavon Austin. I don’t really need to say anything about this pick because I think you have heard enough about him from me.

Round 14 Pick 138: Zach Miller

            With Bennett finally gone, I think Miller will finally see the targets that he deserves. He did great when he came in due to injury last year and I love what the Bears will be able to do with him. He is one of the top options in this offense.

Round 15 Pick 143: Vikings D/ST

            Same as the last draft, don’t need to say much else other than waiting on a defense, and later the Vikings fall into your lap!

Round 16 Pick 158: Chris Boswell

            Absolutely fine with taking Boswell as my last pick. I have him ranked as my 4th kicker.

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