Why Doug Baldwin is Not Worth $46M or A Roster Spot on Your Fantasy Team

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin (89) celebrates a touchdown with wide receiver Jermaine Kearse (15) during the second half of NFL Super Bowl XLIX football game against the New England Patriots Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)
Anthony Camino

Doug Baldwin recently signed a four-year, $46-million-dollar contract extension. This does not automatically make him a top Fantasy WR option for this season. Baldwin still isn’t a WR1 or even a WR2 in my opinion. Many people make the mistake of thinking because he is on a contending Seahawks team with Russell Wilson at the helm that he should get drafted in the early rounds. Even with his breakout 2015 season of 1,069 yards receiving, he just isn’t a consistent wide receiver.

Out of 16 games played last year, Baldwin only broke 100 yards in just 3 games. If you break that down over 16 games, that’s an average of 66 yards a game. Pretty decent average, however, he went over 66 yards in only 7 games. The other 9 games, ranged between a low of 19 to a max of 60. You’re probably sitting there reading this asking, “but what about his 14 receiving TDs, that was tied for the most in the NFL.”. Don’t get me wrong, that all sounds great, but up until Week 11 he had a total of ONLY 3 touchdowns. Where did his other 11 TDs come from you ask? He had 3 against Pittsburgh and their 30th rank pass defense. He had 2 against Minnesota in the 38-7 blowout victory. He had 3 against Baltimore in their awful injury-plagued year. His last multi-touchdown game was against the Browns and let’s face it, it’s the Browns. This is also the same year where Jimmy Graham went down Week 11, coincidentally the same time where Baldwin’s TD’s saw an increase the following weeks. It was also the same year where Marshawn Lynch was M.I.A for the last 9 games of the season and averaged only 3.8 yards per carry in the first 7 games.

I am going to need to see more than one “solid” year from Baldwin before he earns a spot on my Fantasy roster. Before last year when you heard Seattle Seahawks, you thought of The Legion of Boom, Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch, Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham. Their offense was handing the ball off to Marshawn and watching him truck over anyone in his way. The last thing anyone expected was for Baldwin to get a 1,000-yard season with a league tying 14 TDs. I expect Doug Baldwin to drop back down to earth in 2016 with around 840 yards receiving and about 4-6 touchdowns.

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