2016 Fantasy Football PPR Mock Draft 1.0

Dom Cintorino

As we are nearing the end of June, I thought it was about time I got a head start by joining my first fantasy football draft of the year. I did a live 12 team PPR draft on ESPN.com where you pick 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 DEF, 1 K, and 7 Bench players. I always like drafting live on ESPN because it is very convenient as there is a live draft that starts every 5 minutes. It gives you a very good feel and is just about as close as you can get to an actual live draft. It will definitely help you prepare for your upcoming drafts as you are drafting against other fantasy football players too. I got the 5th spot in this draft, here are my results:

Round 1 Pick 05: Julio Jones

This pick really came down to OBJ or Julio Jones. To me, this is really a coin flip because they are so even in my mind. Julio Jones is ranked as my top WR so that made the decision a bit easier for me. However, Don’t expect both of them, if either to be there at #5 if you are drafting in a PPR. I don’t see this happening very often.

Round 2 Pick 20: Keenan Allen

As you all know, I am a huge fan of Keenan Allen this year. This one felt like a reach to me for it being the second round, but as I said in my first article, he is a player you do not want to pass up, even if you do have to reach a bit. It came down to Keenan, Doug Martin, or Brandon Marshall for me. I like Allen a lot, especially in a PPR.

Round 3 Pick 25: Mark Ingram

Finally got a running back that I was very satisfied with. I just love Ingram in that offense when it comes to a PPR. He caught 50 passes while only playing in 12 games during the 2015 season. Very happy with this pick and I am fine with Ingram being my RB1

Round 4 Pick 40: Aaron Rodgers

I usually wait on a QB, but at this position, there was no RB that was appealing to me, I already had 2 WR’s that I love, and Rodgers is my #1 QB in my rankings this year. For those reasons, I did not mind taking Rogers in this spot at all. The only other player I considered in this position was Greg Olsen.

Round 5 Pick 53: Doug Baldwin

I have never been a huge fan of WR’s in Seattle. However, it is much different this year because I believe that they finally have a true #1 in Doug Baldwin. He ended the 2015 season as hot as any WR out there. In his last 6 games, he recorded 34 receptions for over 500 yards and a stunning 11 Touchdowns. If he carries this momentum forward, he will easily be a top 15 WR in 2016.

Round 6 Pick 68: Jeremy Langford

I really could have taken Langford in round 4 or 5 and been happy with it. This will be his first full season of being the man in Chicago with really nobody to threaten his carries as long as he produces. In the games he filled in for Matt Forte last season he really showed up.

Round 7 Pick 77: Torrey Smith

This also may seem like a reach drafting Torrey Smith in the 7th round, but I love the situation he is in. When I looked at the depth charts before the NFL: Draft, I could not believe what San Fran’s WR’s looked like. Smith is a clear cut #1 with Boldin now gone and should do big things in Chip Kelly’s up-tempo offense.

Round 8 Pick 92: Gary Barnidge

When it came to this pick, Barnidge was the obvious pick once I seen the list of TE’s that were still available. He had a monster year and stayed consistent week in and week out. The RB’s were also getting very weak at this point as well

Round 9 Pick 101: Charles Sims

As I do more and more mocks, you will get to know that I really hate taking backup running backs. However, in this situation Sims was the only name that looked semi-appealing. He had more upside to me with it being a PPR than Crowell did at this pick.

Round 10 Pick 116: Tavon Austin

Here is another player off of my article “5 WR’s Not To Pass Up on Draft Day.” Tavon is another #1 WR and in the 10th round, I will take him all day. He will see plenty of touches.

Round 11 Pick 125: Kirk Cousins

I really did not like where this pick was headed. It was a lot of risky WR’s combined with a ton of rookie RB’s who do not have a role in their offenses yet. Therefore, I went with Cousins, who I have ranked in my top 10 QB’s.

Round 12 Pick 140: Vikings D/ST

I figured I had waited long enough and it was time to take either a kicker or a defense. I love what Zimmer is doing in Minnesota and I think they will just keep getting better. They didn’t lose anything from last season on the defensive side of the ball.

Round 13 Pick 149: Chandler Catanzaro K

Well, why not just get it over with, still no RB’s that I felt comfortable with and I get a kicker on an offense that can move the ball. Should see plenty of attempts again this season.

Round 14 Pick 164: Darren Sproles

Another PPR machine. Philly will be looking to use both Matthews and Sproles evenly this year. I think Sproles will also get more snaps with the departure of DeMarco Murray. Should be able to catch around 50 balls again this year.

Round 15 Pick 173: Dwayne Allen

I think he is a safe backup to Barnidge. With Coby Fleener now in New Orleans and Andrew Luck back on the field, Allen should see a good amount of targets this year in Indy, especially in the redzone.

Round 16 Pick 188: Tim Hightower

Solid handcuff to Ingram, played well at the end of last season when he was given an opportunity. I was again in a situation where I did not like the RB’s that were available so taking a handcuff never hurts.

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